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Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility

Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility - Nicole Oke

Izzy is feeling some BIG emotions Christmas morning when she notices that her little sister got more presents than her. How could this be? Do her parents love her sister more?

Does your child experience big emotions like Izzy?

Do you wish you had more tools and methods to help you and your child manage their BIG emotions?

Enter Penny Panda, a Penny for your thoughts. Penny generates a desire in children to not only learn how to identify their feelings but also explore where their emotions are coming from. Penny embraces a growth mindset and fosters curiosity, which are essential foundations for social emotional learning and development.

This bestselling book is the first in a series that focuses on taking complicated and life changing social emotional topics and breaking them down into bite sized, easy-to-understand stories. Each book provides a practical life skill or tool that children can use in their everyday lives to increase self-awareness, practice self-management and emotional regulation, encourage responsible decision making, and build their social-awareness and relationship skills.

Visit my website, to get the FREE PENNY PANDA ACTIVITY BOOK, a wonderful companion to Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility. This activity book includes coloring pages, direction for using the Possibility Game featured in the book, and much more!

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