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Larry the Llama Learns About Love Love is a Fruit of the Spirit

Larry the llama moves to the farm for his first job. 

There he’ll be helping the farmer guard baby animals and frightening away any big bad animals that might show up. Larry is excited about this new job and hopes that the farmer will love him.
One day, a loud thunderstorm comes through, and all the animals go into the barn, where it’s safe and dry. After the storm, Larry finds that the wind has blown down a part of the fence. He decides to explore the area outside the fence. Then he discovers that Lily the lamb has followed him, and soon both of them are lost. How will the farmer find them? And even if they are found, will the farmer still love Larry?
In this children’s story, a llama whose job is guarding baby farm animals gets lost along with a little lamb, and together they learn an important lesson about caring for one another.
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